Bachelorette Party Ideas

Need ideas for a bachelorette party?  First, it depends on what you are looking for. Just the night or a weekend trip?  Somewhere close or a destination party?  Wild or tame?  You have to consider who you are inviting and how feasible it will be to attend, otherwise you will have to lower your expectations regarding who will attend.  Here are a few ideas:

1.  Night In

Choose somebody’s home or rent a hotel somewhere local. Get manicures, facials, and massages together, bring several bottles of wine or champagne and hire a boudoir photographer to do individual shots of you and your wedding party.

2. Weekend Local

Consider going to a local vineyard or perhaps the closest big city around you for a weekend getaway.

3.  Destination Weekend 

If you’re looking for something that lasts a few days and involves getting on an airplane and spending more money, then a destination weekend might work for you. Good options might include Vegas, New York City, a beach destination like Miam

4.  Night Out

A traditional night of bar and club hopping. Rent a limo, put on some gawdy sashes and crowns and have your last hoorah before you become a Mrs.

5. Activity Outing

For those people who aren’t looking for a wild night out or a weekend away, you might consider some sort of activity that you and your best girls can do together. A ski trip, Disneyland, hiking



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Maid of Honor Toast

Have you seen Jennifer Gabrieli’s famous maid of honor toast? She spoofs an Eminem song with her own wedding wishes for her big sister and new brother in law during her maid of honor toast. She even wears a hoodie for it.

Did you watch it? What do you think?

The reactions are mixed. Some are hailing it the best maid of honor toast ever. Others think it was over the top and stole the show from the bride.

Are you a maid of honor getting ready to make a speech? It can be nerve-wracking. Here’s a few tips to help you get ready.

First, make sure you do your homework. Write it out. It’s always best to do it by hand and will help you remember it more. Plan ahead–do not wait until the night before. Read it out loud in front of a mirror and listen to see if it sounds right.

Be careful what you say. In Jennifer’s rap, she inserted cute references to wearing pajamas together until the groom came along and so forth. But you really don’t want to talk about something that would totally humiliate your sister or friend. Remember, it’s their day, not your comedy routine, so don’t do anything at the bride’s expense.

Keep it brief. Nobody wants to sit through a long speech unless you are incredibly gifted at public speaking and have amazing things to talk about.  Use note cards or a simple outline to help you remember your place.

Speak slowly, loud, and enunciate.

Make sure you’re sober when you’re giving the speech!


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Romantic Tree Art

Recently I visited my grandma and was in her room feeding my baby. I got to look at the photos on her wall and paused at a print she had made years and years ago of a tree with her and my deceased grandfather’s initials and anniversary date. They were married for almost 60 years and I thought it was such a great little memento to still have (as a side note…I got married on my grandparents’ anniversary!).  So I did a little search and found these more modern options.  These would be perfect wedding, anniversary, or just because presents.



made by sarusweddingtree

8 x 10 print. Colors can be customized on this one.



made by domesticnotions

Love the fact that you can put lyrics or other text on this one.


made by freshline

Simple and sweet.


made by ladybirdink

This simple one reminds me of my favorite book The Giving Tree.


made by specialprints

I really like this one!

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Vintage Etsy Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding dress lace tea length sheer top strapless

wedding dress

made by thisvintagegirl

Vintage 1950s Wedding Dress – 50s Tulle Dress – The Leyna


made by bohemianbisoux


Vintage wedding dress bohemian casual lace


find at mckenzy

1960’s wedding dress / 60s strapless cupcake tea length wedding dress / Garden Kiss


find at coralvintage


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Chabby Chic

Today’s inspiration board has a chabby chic/rustic theme going on. I picture pale pink, outdoors, homemade and laid-back.
chabby chic

:::Details:::  (1) Off the shoulder ivory wedding dress by daughtersofsimone.  (2) Here comes the bride sign by reasons2remember.  (3)Pink painted mason jars by 4onemore. (4) Vintage handkerchief garland by thevintageorangejar. (5) Wildflower honey favors by luluislandhoney.

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Target Bridesmaids

I had no idea Target offered bridesmaid dresses. This is probably because they only offer them online. There were some cute options all around $70.



Tevolio Women’s One-Shoulder Rosette Maxi Silky Chiffon Dress.  Comes in several colors.   I like the one-shoulder detail and this shade of purple.

target strapless

Strapless dress in a beautiful blue color (and some other colors too!)

target 2

Tevolio Women’s Scoop Neck Taffeta Dress w/Removable Sash. Comes in several colors but I love this buttery yellow–perfect for spring or summer.  The dress is short and flirty–probably better for a casual wedding.


orange target


Tevolio Women’s Sleeveless Silky Chiffon Dress with Removable Flower. Also comes in several colors.  Orange is a hot color for summer weddings…too cute!

So the reviews for these dresses seem mostly good with a few unpleasant ones (as it is with anything online…disgruntled people seem to post the most reviews).  I haven’t seen these dresses in person, but my guess is they are probably a pretty good affordable option for bridesmaid dresses as long as you aren’t the type that is super picky.  The reviews also seem to depend on the style dress–some have better reviews than others.

Has anybody tried these dresses in person?  Let us know!

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Wedding Inspiration

:::Details::: (1) Silver Embroidery Wedding Heels, (2) Hand-forged Bottle Openers as Gifts for Groomsmen Forged by a Blacksmith, (3) LUCIENNE LONG DRESS IN SILK CHIFFON by JCrew, (4) Plantable Seed Paper Hearts – 200 Count – Recycled Grocery Bag and Newspaper – Eco Friendly, and (5) Graphite Gray Faceted Glass Rhodium Earrings Bridesmaids Wedding Party Mother of the Bride

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Bridesmaid Dresses

So I gave birth ten days ago and instantly have energy to do the things I used to love…like maintaining this blog! I had a little girl, so now I get to dream-up her fantasy wedding. Of course that means she’ll end up hating every idea I have and think I’m a momzilla, but let’s cross our fingers that my little girl thinks like her mommy :)

I’ve been seeing lots of pretty dresses for both brides and bridesmaids, so today’s post is a little compilation of those finds.  Enjoy.


The Lynette dress by eShakti. $59.99.  Lovely online store that customizes the fit of their clothing to your specific measurements.  It would make a lovely (and affordable) bridesmaid dress.

Here’s another eShakti find, the Louisa dress:

Pretty spring green color and design, this one goes for $79.95.

This vintage-inspired grey dress comes from Lace Affair for $74.99.  Check it out:


Check out our Pinterest site for some other pretty finds.  There are some cute finds from Ruche on there.


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Bachelorette Party

Photo Credit

 Hello everyone.

I’ve been absent for a while…I’m sorry. After I got pregnant last summer I got hit with gross “morning sickness” and fatigue that lasted pretty much until…now. Come to think of it I’m still tired. The wedding blog was the last thing on my mind. I’m getting closer to my due date and ironically I find myself more productive when I have the baby vs. being pregnant. So here I am…ready to dip back into the wedding planning world in full force.

Today’s post is about bachelorette parties, inspired by something I heard lately.

The bride in question wants to have an elaborate event with her bridal party in honor of her upcoming nuptials.  She is pushing for a destination bachelorette party. We’re talking 5 hour plane ride across the United States that will require her girls to pay air fare, hotel, take time off of work, etc.

My opinion is that this is excessive, unless of course you swirl in the social circles of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. It kind of reminds me of that movie (the name is escaping me) when the bridesmaids were competing with each other and the one that wanted to out-do the other gave puppies away as the bridal shower gift.  Excessive.

In an ideal world a vacation with the girls sounds wonderful, but in this economy and when you are dealing with friends who have their own responsibilities to take care of, it’s asking a bit much of people to fork out so much money for your event.

If you absolutely want to get away, consider something more local, like a winery an hour away or perhaps a fun weekend trip to a theme park or maybe a spa for some pampering. You could even spend the weekend in a hotel locally. If you pick a fun location you could stay somewhere close to bars and clubs and party the night away close enough to stumble back to your hotel, or indulge in a fun boudoir session with a photographer in your hotel room.  There are options.

Otherwise you should stick to traditional bachelorette party ideas. It depends on your friends and family and what they would be able to participate in.

Here are some Pinterest boards to get inspired for your bachelorette party:

Bachelorette Party Pinterest Board.  And another one.  And another one. And another one. Another one.


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DIY Wedding Favors: Muslin Bags

Looking for a way to package your wedding favors? Your options can get costly, so it’s important for the shoestring-budget-bride to figure out packaging that won’t break your budget.

I really like these muslin bags: 

Muslin bags from Celestial Gifts

As of today, 25 of these 6×8 muslin drawstring bags from Celestial Gifts averages about $.45 each. You can shop around to find the best price for the bags, and you can go bigger or smaller in size.  A lot of times you’ll get a better deal the more you order, but that depends on how many you will need.

To jazz them up, you can stamp them. I compiled a few resources for DIY stamping.

DIY Stamping Resources:

Something Turquoise. Check out their tutorial on stamping.

Here’s another tutorial on stamping bags.  

Tip: plan in advance and take advantage of weekly coupons to get a good deal on craft supplies (ink, twine, etc).  I know Michael’s has weekly coupons you can use, and I’m sure local craft stores have them too.

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