Planning Weekend Wedding Festivities

Chances are, if you are having out of town guests, you’ll want to plan festivities before and after the wedding to fill up the weekend. 

Say for example the wedding is on Saturday.  Most guests will probably come by Friday, so you’ll want to plan some kind of welcoming meet and greet activity to join the bride’s and groom’s family and friends. 

You would also want to plan something for the day after the wedding too.  Unless, of course, your wedding is the kind where you ride off on the back of a motorcycle and head off toward the sunset, getting whisked away to your honeymoon. 

Chances are that’s probably only the kind of thing that happens in movies.

Here are some ideas for the Pre-Wedding Festivities:

–  meet and greet at a beautiful park, complete with a bbq or picnic, name tags, and maybe even some fun games to break the ice.

–  trip to the salon with all the ladies

–  and while the ladies are getting pampered, maybe a golf or tennis game for the guys.

–  or how about couples tennis games.

–  if you have a boat or access to one, maybe a trip out on the water with your most intimate and close circle of family and friends.

–  beach or lake trip.  Food, sunscreen, beach balls, bbq, and lots of fun! 

–  something really touristy.  I live in the L.A. area, so I’d do something Disney-ish or Hollywood-ish.

–  baseball game or some kind of other sporting event

–  wine tasting

–  something local, like a historical site, a festival, show, or something that you’d want to share with others.  Maybe even something like a hike in a local park or forest. 

–  meet and greet at somebody’s house

For the Post-Wedding Festivities, a lot of people will do a breakfast or brunch for guests.  You could change that up with something from the list above

***Tip:  make an agenda for the weekend and give it to the guests complete with times, phone numbers, addresses, directions, and anything they would need to know***

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