DIY Hand-Tied Bouquet of Calla Lilies

Calla Lily DIY Wedding Bouquet

Who said floral arrangements at your wedding have to be expensive? Calla lilies make beautiful bouquets. They are simple and elegant, and are really a low maintenance yet pretty flower to use for a wedding.

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Calla lilies make beautiful bridal bouquets.  I really love their simplicity. The best part about the calla lilies is that you can totally make your own arrangements–even with no prior floral skills.

You can easily assemble a bouquet yourself!

Here’s a DIY video of how to make a bouquet of calla lilies.

I can also help you out with a simple set of instructions. You’ll notice that the supplies are basic and affordable, and this is something you can easily do with no muss or fuss.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

* 20 Calla lilies

* scissors

* floral snips

* satin ribbon in the color of your choice

Directions on How to Assemble Your Calla Lily Bouquet:

1.  Put your calla lilies together in a bouquet.  It doesn’t have to be perfect–this type of bouquet is informal and still looks great.  Snip the ends of the stems so they are the same length.

2.  Tie your ribbon around the stems, starting at the neck of the base of the flowers.  Wrap the ribbon around several times before tying the ends into knots.  Trim ribbon ends into inverted “v” shapes for a finished look.

That’s it!  You of course can do variations of the ribbons or how you’d like to cover the stems.

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