Wedding Decorations: Fabric Drapes on the Ceiling

A great way of jazzing up the ceiling of a banquet hall or wherever you are holding your reception (which, let’s be frank, are usually drab and boring) is to incorporate fabric that goes with your color scheme, draped strategically to make the room look like a fancy hall used by the bold and the beautiful.  Seriously,  it’s amazing what a few touches can do to a room.

photo credit Photos by Alis

I really love the look of this one:

photo credit eventswithdesign

I love that they used sheer fabric that almost looks glittery with strings of light.  It creates an ambiance that is romantic and formal.  This particular venue pictured above was a gym.  A boring old gym!!!  You can imagine the possibilities with fabric draped on the ceiling.

So, how do you do it?

Wedding Decorator Blog spoke to a few people to discuss how to use the fabric on the ceiling.  Check it out here.

Some things to consider:

– whether or not the venue is “right” for using fabric.  Sometimes not even fabric will make it look better on the ceiling.

–  what the fire code is for the building/city.

–  how much you are willing to spend on fabric.  Some fabrics are expensive, so you’ll want to consider the dimensions of the room before finalizing your choice.

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