Friday Wedding Thoughts

Today’s post is going to be a quicky. It’s Friday!!

Put a Sprig of Something in a Place Setting

Inspired by this Pinterest find:


Even a simple table setting can be jazzed up with a sprig of something, like the picture above. I’m thinking a sprig of rosemary, lavender, or maybe a little mint. Even a simple (and cheap) flower would look pretty. ┬áIt’s these little details that add an enormous amount of cool.

Off Beat Attire for Grooms is Cool



More grooms are experimenting with attire that fits their personality better than a boring old black and white tux. I love it. I think it adds a ton of flavor to a wedding.

Any Wedding Increases its Awesome 500x with a Fancy Drink

You could get married in a dirty garage as long as your guests had the libations flowing. I’m sort of serious here, haha! The point is, don’t sweat every little detail. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to enjoy yourself. Guests aren’t going to notice “what went wrong,” especially if you distract them with a fancy cocktail. Something like these honey lemon martinis:


Be Adventurous with Your Colors

This example might be too adventurous for many brides, but it does show you how to step outside of the box and make your wedding uniquely you.


Bridesmaids Don’t Have to Matchy Match–Unless You Want It That Way


Have a great weekend everyone!!

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