Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Bridesmaid dresses are often times a focal point of a theme in a wedding. Picking the right dresses for your best girls can be a big decision for a bride since it will set the tone of the wedding. Here are a few ideas for those of you looking for the perfect look.

Mismatched Floral


I love the vintage appeal of these dresses. I’m also a fan of mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

This is something similar:


Some fabulous fascinators would really complete the look!

Vintage Bridesmaid


The pillbox hats make these bridesmaid look extra special.

Same Color, Different Styles


For brides who like the idea of everyone matching, but want to keep the color the same, consider having your bridesmaids wear the same color dress in different styles.

Completely Matching

Different Styles, Similar Hues


These bridesmaids wore different style dresses in similar, soft hues.

And here is something similar:


Another similar theme:

Two Colors

Totally Mis-Matched

Complementary Colors

Same Style, Different Colors


In the end it is all about what you love. As you can see in all of these examples, there are so many different ideas you can go with. Don’t feel compelled to keep things traditionally matching if it’s not something you like. You have options…lots of options!

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