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Inspired by Irene’s comments about her friend’s upcoming pin-up inspired vintage wedding, I decided to dig around for some ideas. To master the pin-up look, there are certain things you have to nail: hair and make-up, clothes, and shoes.

We’ll start with the dresses. There are some really cool online stores that have a wide variety of vintage inspired dresses that would be just perfect for your bridesmaids. Here are some cool ideas for pin-up inspired bridesmaid dresses:

Source: via Bridesmaids and Weddings on Pinterest

I like the color and style of this dress. It’s very pretty, and at the same time could be edgy with the right pair of shoes and some cool hair.

Source: via Bridesmaids and Weddings on Pinterest

This dress screams sexy and in control. I would definitely pair it with an awesome fascinator.

Source: via Bridesmaids and Weddings on Pinterest

I like this dress for a summer wedding. I like how the model wore basic black shoes and an elegant fascinator in her hair.

Source: via Bridesmaids and Weddings on Pinterest

This is another summer favorite. It would look pretty awesome if you got your bridesmaids dresses in different patterns and colors but the same style.

Source: via Bridesmaids and Weddings on Pinterest

If you’re looking for a lot of va-va-voom style for your bridesmaids, this may be it. Get some awesome candy apple red shoes and sport a retro hair-do with bright red lipstick and your girls will be rockin’.

Source: via Bridesmaids and Weddings on Pinterest

Another red dress I love. I feel like this one is more muted. I like how the model wore simple black heels and a black hat.

Sometimes the right outfit needs the right shoes. For a pin-up inspired wedding, you need shoes that are sexy. Something chunky with big heels, bold, and screams bright colors and patterns. Check out a few ideas:

Source: via Bridesmaids and Weddings on Pinterest

Once you’ve figured out the dress and awesome shoes, next it’s time to focus on your pin-up hair style. The hair part can be so much fun!


source: pin-up hair tutorials

More DIY Pin-Up Hair Tutorials

Pin-up hair tutorials are all over the Internet.

And to complete the pin-up style, you need to nail the make-up. Here’s a tutorial to get you started:

Pin-Up Girl Make-Up

Basically dark eyebrows, rosy cheeks, and bright red lipstick.

If you get the right dress, make-up, hair, and shoes, you’re going to have very convincing sexy pin-up girls!

And if I were the bride, I would have a boudoir shoot for my bachelorette party and have everyone come in their pin-up dresses, make-up and hair-dos.

For some extra ideas, here is a real life pin-up inspired weddings to glean ideas from:

Source: Off-Beat Bride Rockabilly Wedding

In Irene’s Facebook comment, she mentioned the bride wants her bridesmaids to wear different color dresses. I think the above picture is a great example of how this can be pulled off. All five of the bridesmaids (complete with cool sunglasses) are wearing vintage inspired dresses in different style black and red dresses.

And there you have it…a pin-up inspired wedding!

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